Joanna Hill

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Joanna Hill

 I have been passionate about art since I was able to wield a pencil; doodling on scratch paper, school desks, and painting on my bedroom walls... My life as an artist really started taking off during my late teens, early twenties when I really grasped the important principles of art such as form, lighting, and color theory. I draw my inspiration from colors, textures, and lighting on various objects and people in the environment around me. I love visualizing how I would break them down and arrange them to make something beautiful and pleasing. The type of art I make has always been on the more realistic side, but not limited too. I very much enjoy painting and drawing in styles that are quite different. I don't have a main theme for my work,  I create what I want as it hits me. My favorite mediums to work in are Colored Pencil, Oil Paint, and Gouache & Ink. 


Port Orchard, WA

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