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Joanna Hill

  A little about me... I have been passionate about art since I was able to wield a pencil, doodling on scratch paper, school desks, and painting on my bedroom walls... My life as an artist really started taking off during my late teens, early twenties when I really grasped the important principles of art such as form, lighting, and color theory. I draw my inspiration from colors, textures, and lighting on various objects and people in the environment around me. I love visualizing how I would break them down and arrange them to make something beautiful and pleasing.

  The type of art I make has always been bright, fun, and full of color and has a pop art flavor with a touch of hyperrealism. I have experience just about every medium there is but my favorite mediums to work in are Colored Pencil, Oil Paint, and Gouache & Ink. As a professional artist, I take great care in the quality of my original works, I use only the best supplies available on the market that is Lightfast and Archival. All my prints are Giclee Prints and are only printed with high quality Lightfast Inks on Archival papers that will not fade or yellow for up to 100 years with proper care. When people purchase my art, I want it to last for a lifetime or more.  Artwork should bring great joy to look at and is worth investing in.

Brunswick, GA

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