Interested In Learning to Draw or Paint?

If you are living in the Camden County, GA area I offer private lessons and workshops for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills or if they're just starting out. All lesson plans are descibed below. All lessons are $60 for 2 hours. Supplies for each course are not included and each student will be expected to provide their own. Between sessions you will be expected to work on the lesson project. All lessons are tailored to each individual's learning style and speed, so there is never any pressure. My goal for you is to first have fun and enjoy the learning process and second for you to apply the techniques to your work and for you to make them your own!

shape drawing.jpg

Art Foundations

Perfect for beginners or seasoned artists that want to get back to basics.  In this course you will learn the why's and how's of basic art.  You will learn about shape & form, shading, color theory, and perspective drawing and more!


Colored Pencil

Do you love to color? Here I can teach you everything you'd want to know about colored pencils and how to use them correctly. We will cover types of colored pencils, how to blend them and techniques to help you make your drawing and coloring come to life!

oil on canvas board_#gumballmachine #oil

Intro To Painting

In this beginner course to painting you will learn the basics of how to paint with three different types of paint, Arylic Paint, Oil Paint, and Gouache Paint. You will also learn about painting surfaces, brushes, techniques, and mediums.