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What I Teach


With my drawing lessons, we start off nice and easy. If you are a beginner or advanced I will tailor the information that best suits your needs. I like to cover breaking down subjects with basic shapes, and learning to shade with proper technique. And for more advanced students I like to focus on the textures and lighting of the subject. 


Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil is one of my all-time favorite mediums to work in. If you love to color in coloring books and want to know how to get better textures, blends, and add depth, take advantage of my colored pencil workshops. I teach this medium with a focus on realism. I'll help you learn techniques of blending, layering colors, and creating texture. Colored pencil is a slow medium but very rewarding. Having a basic knowledge of color theory is helpful but not necessary. It's very easy to use and will challenge your inner artist.

Colored Pencil Sample.jpg

Painting In Gouache

What is gouache paint? It's more than just a funny name. Gouache is considered an opaque watercolor. It's a non-translucent, water-based paint that dries with a matte finish. Its been around for decades and has been used by illustrators, comic book artists, and more. Its water-activated characteristics make it easy to use and re-work if you make a mistake. I love this medium to create small, more expressive paintings. Great for Plein air painting!

gouache sample.jpg

Oil Painting (Alkyd Oils)

Oil painting can sound very intimidating but in my opinion, it is one of the easiest paints to use. I prefer to use a special oil paint called Alkyd Oils. It is a fast-drying oil paint that allows 8-10 hours of working time for endless blending and then it dries 24-48 hours after, giving you plenty of time to work and short enough time to get back to it after a small break. This paint allows me to work in layers or in Alla Prima (wet into wet).  Alkyd oils are also less smelly and allow you to use them in small spaces!

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