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Words of Wisdom

Colored Pencil Magazine Sept. 2020

This year I wrote an article for Colored Pencil Magazine on some tips and tricks to help you in your art journey. You can read the full article here!

Words of Wisdom.jpg

Inktense Winner!

Colored Pencil Magazine Jan. 2020

Last fall I entered 'Space Cadet' into CPM's colored pencil competition. I was selected along with 4 others to win. Our prize was a set of Derwent Inktense Pencils. You can check out the winning artists in January's 2020 Issue.


​Colore Pencil

Look Book 2020


Last year I took advantage of a unique opportunity. Colored Pencil Magazine was coming out with a directory of colored pencil artists from around the world and would be distributed to major art companies. I believe this is the first of its kind, or at least that I know of. This book will make it more accessible for companies to find great artists and see a sample of their work, and at the same time many talented artists are gaining exposure. This is such a wonderful book even if you are not in the market for an artist as the pages are filled with wonderful art and its fun just to flip through!

You can download a free copy here.


On The Cover!

The Black Horns 2019

I was asked to create a book cover for adventure/fantasy author Joshua Yoder. The second book in his Mark of the Tiger's Stripe series is titled "The Black Horns". It was such an honor to work with the author and be able to create this beautiful design which portrays a Cauracua (caw-rah-coo-ah), an exoctic creature commonly used in Amarthia for gambling.

Black Horns_edited_edited.jpg
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